We live in a fallen world that is satanically controlled and is in rebellion against God and is under a curse. Life in such a world can be confusing, chaotic, difficult, dangerous.

The secret to successful living in a world like the one we live in is to learn how to get close to God, and stay close to God; to seek Him and His help. The Word of God refers to that as waiting on God. Waiting on God is getting closer to the Lord; talking to Him and listening to Him, and if you are asking Him to do something, being patient until He answers your request in His time and in His way.

The concept of waiting on God is expressed by King David in Psalm 5: In the morning, O Lord, You hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before You and wait in expectation. We wait on God by praying in the morning, at the beginning of each new day. We ask the Lord for His help to meet the challenges we will face that day. We let the Creator know our needs. We make our requests known to Him. We let Him know what concerns us. Then, throughout the rest of the day, we stay in an attitude of prayer, seeking God, looking to Him, waiting for the Lord to answer our prayers in His time and in His way.

The Many Tremendous Benefits That Come From Waiting On God

Waiting on God enables us to know the Lord in a deeper way. One of the greatest failures in the Messianic Community today is that we really don’t know God the way we should. We have a shallow knowledge of God. To get to know our Creator God better, we need to get closer to Him. We need to experience a deeper sense of His presence, of direct contact with Him. Waiting on God enables us to do this.

Waiting on God enables us to become more like the One in whose image we are made. Human beings are influenced by those they spend time with. When we wait on God we become more like Him – and that is a very good thing.

Waiting on God creates the atmosphere to be filled with the Holy Spirit: Acts 1:4: After His resurrection, the Risen Lord told the disciples to wait for what the Father had promised – referring to the Holy Spirit. You can’t pressure the Holy Spirit to do more with us than what He is ready to do with us. We wait on God until the Spirit of the Father and the Son is ready to work in and through us.

Waiting on God helps us realize how dependant the creature is on the Creator. And, it is very good for us, who are prone to pride and having an attitude of independence from the One who is the source of our life, to know how truly dependant we are on Him, and that apart from Him, we can do nothing.

Waiting on God enables the Lord to reign on the throne of our lives and accomplish all of His purposes in us and through us.

Waiting on God enables us to experience His love and favor: Psalm 147:11: The Lord favors those who fear Him, those who wait for His love. Do you ever feel that God doesn’t care, that He doesn’t love you? Wait on God. Wait for His favor and love. They will come eventually.

We wait on God for our basic needs: Psalm 104:27-28: They (the creatures of the world) all wait for You, to give them their food in due season. You give it to them. The Creator promises to provide for us. He will supply our needs if we wait on Him.

Waiting on God helps us experience salvation: Genesis 49:18: For Your salvation I wait O Lord. We start our life with God by waiting on God to save us – coming to Him on His terms and in His way and at His time. We discover that we can’t save ourselves. Salvation is entirely dependant on God. We continue the Messianic life by waiting on God to help us and deliver us in every situation. Micah 7:7: I will watch expectantly for the Lord; I will wait for the God of my salvation. My God will hear me.

Most of the difficulties we experience happen because we don’t wait on God. The answer to every problem we face, the solution to every to every failure is to learn to wait on God. There is no enemy too strong, no obstacle too high, no difficulty too great, if we simply wait on God. Psalm 40:1-3: I waited patiently for the Lord; and He inclined to me, and heard my cry. He brought me up out of the pit of destruction, out of the miry clay; and He set my feet upon a rock making my footsteps firm.

Waiting on God enables us to have victory over our sins: Psalm 39:7-8: And now Lord, for what do I wait? My hope is in You. Deliver me from all my transgressions. Each of us have areas that we are weak in, sins that easily entangle us. Waiting on God is the key to victory over our sins! Every sin we commit, every temptation we fall into, every mistake we make has as its cause our not waiting on God.

If we wait on God, we will be able to cope with injustice: Psalm 37:7: Rest in the Lord and wait patiently for Him; do not fret because of him who prospers in his way. Proverbs 20:22: Do not say “I will repay evil”; wait for the Lord and He will save you. There is so much injustice in the world! We can’t get terribly frustrated by it. We don’t have to be upset by evil men who are succeeding because as we wait on the Lord, we will understand that the Lord will punish the wicked and reward the righteous. Vengeance is the Lord’s. We wait on God to punish our enemies in His time and His way. Until the Lord makes everything right, learn to wait patiently.

We wait on God to receive divine counsel. Not waiting on God for His counsel leads to disaster. Psalm 106:13: They did not wait for His counsel – referring to the generation that wandered for 40 years in the wilderness. We don’t want to be like the Jewish people in the time of Joshua, who were fooled by the deception of the Gibeonites, because they didn’t seek the Lord and wait for His counsel. We get into trouble when don’t wait on God for council. Don’t make major decisions without waiting on God until You get His counsel.

We wait on God to receive direction: Psalm 25:4-5: Make me know Your ways O Lord; teach me Your paths. Lead me in Your truth and teach me, for You are the God of my salvation. For You I wait all the day. If you lack direction, wait on God. He will make you know His ways, paths, truth and salvation.

Waiting on God supplies courage: Psalm 27:14: Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage; yes, wait for the Lord. There is no need to be fearful for anything that God calls us to do. If you lack courage, there is a solution. Wait on God.

Waiting on God brings new strength: Isaiah 40:13: Those who wait for the Lord will gain new strength; they will mount up with wings like eagles, they will run and not get tired, they will walk and not become weary. This fallen world has a way of wearing us down. We can get tired, wearied, worn down and discouraged. Waiting on God is the answer to spiritual and emotional weariness.

How To Wait On God

Waiting on God involves trying to stay in contact with the Lord throughout the day. Waiting on God is a kind of praying without ceasing. Waiting on God means we discipline our minds to talk with God. We have a running conversation with the Lord throughout the day. We talk to the Lord about the things that concern us, the things that interest us. We talk to Him about the big things and the little things. We thank Him for the good things He is constantly doing for us. We praise Him for who He is and for the wonderful things that He has done, is doing now, and will do! We meditate on the things He has said. We sing to Him.

Wait on God by making Him the highest priority: Psalm 62:5: My soul, wait in silence for God only. Our world is becoming busier and busier. We have access to far more things to read and see and hear and do. The danger is that the most important things can get squeezed out, like waiting on God. In a high-speed, fast-paced world, we are bombarded with so information, distractions and entertainments, we need to make an effort to wait on God. Make the Lord your priority. Give Him the time to wait on Him.

Wait on God silently: Lamentations 3:25-26: The Lord is good to those who wait for Him, to the person who seeks Him. It is good that he waits silently for the salvation of the Lord. Waiting on God should be one part speaking and two parts listening. That’s why we have two ears and one mouth. Waiting on God involves learning how to wait silently on Him. Be still and know that the Lord is God.

Wait on God with patience: Psalm 37:7: Rest in the Lord and wait patiently for Him. Waiting implies rest and patience. We can patiently rest knowing that God will put everything right in His own time and in His way. Our responsibility is learn how to rest and wait patiently while He does so.

Waiting on God involves keeping His way: Psalm 37:34: Wait for the Lord and keep His way, and He will exalt you to inherit the Land. When waiting on God, we must be careful to keep His way. The man who does not keep the Lord’s way should not expect to remain close to God. And, if he is not close to God, he will not prayer good prayers and he should not expect to have his prayers answered.

We can wait on God alone or with others: Psalm 52:9: I will wait on Your name (on You), for it is good (You are good. You want to benefit Your creatures), in the presence of Your godly ones. If you need help waiting on God, find some friends to pray with you, and wait on God with you.

We wait on God despite the fact that He is hidden from the majority of our people: Isaiah 8:17: I will wait for the Lord who is hiding His face from the house of Jacob. It would be nice to wait on God with the rest of our people, but like Isaiah, we have to do it without the majority. Even without the support and encouragement from others you love, you wait on the Three-In-One God of Israel.

If possible, wait on God with longing and desire: Psalm 130:5-6: I wait for the Lord… My soul waits for the Lord more than the watchmen for the morning, indeed more than the watchmen for the morning. Wait on God not merely for His gifts or help, but for Himself – for God alone; to be close to Him, to talk to Him, to express our love for Him, to marvel about His love for us.

Wait on God for His return: Zephaniah 3:8: Wait for Me declares the Lord, for the day when I rise up to the prey. Indeed, My decision is to gather nations, to assemble kingdoms, to pour out My indignation, all My burning anger; for all the Earth will be devoured by the fire of My zeal.

Finally, know that the Lord will return in His time, and then the entire world will wait on God: Isaiah 51:5: My righteousness is near, My salvation has gone forth, and My arms will judge the peoples; the coastlands will wait for Me, and for My arm they will wait expectantly. Until that happens – and it will, wait patiently on God!

The summer lends itself to waiting on God. The days are longer, the weather is nicer, the pace of life is a little slower. These long days of summer, I encourage you to practice waiting on God. You won’t be sorry!