The MJAA is one of the oldest and best established Messianic Jewish organizations. God has used it to extend Messianic Judaism in a number of significant ways. It has done some great things over the years. But in the past year or two the MJAA invited T. D. Jakes to be the keynote speaker at their annual conference. This was a terrible thing to do since Jakes’ doctrine is founded in the “Oneness Pentecostal” movement. Jakes embraces an unbiblical view of the nature of God, known as modalism or “oneness” doctrine. It denies the tri personal nature of God. “In the third century, orthodox Christians rejected modalism (also known as Sabellianism, after Sabellius, its most influential teacher) – the teaching that the Son and Holy Spirit are the same Person as the Father – as a denial of the faith. Early in the twentieth century when Oneness Pentecostalism reared its head, the Assemblies of God rejected it as heresy” (quoted from the Christian Research Institute, Article DJ902). This view teaches that the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are “emanations” of the one true God; that each is a manifestation of God, rather than each being a unique person.

This is heresy and has been rightly rejected by the orthodox Christian Church for centuries. Yeshua spoke of the Holy Spirit as a person (see, for example, John 14:16 17, 26), and made clear distinctions between His own person and that of the Father and the Spirit, while at the same time affirming the co equality of their nature. It is the teaching of the Scriptures and the Church that within the Godhead, there is a distinction of Persons but a unity of nature. As if this heresy weren’t enough, Jakes is a staunch advocate of the Word/Faith belief system of calling your own reality into existence. He is a preacher of the corrupt Prosperity Teaching. He has gotten rich off of the ministry and lives an extravagant lifestyle. He associates with false prophets such as Benny Hinn. It was wrong for the MJAA to allow a man like this to participate, much less be the featured speaker at their conference.