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Vayeshev – “And He Settled”

This week our parasha is Va'yeishev which means “And He Settled”, and covers Genesis 37:1-40:23.  Parasha Va’yeishev covers the beginning of the life of Joseph and the reality of sins ability to appear in one generation and then the next as an unbroken destructive cycle. Chapter 37 introduces us to Joseph, Jacob’s favorite son, who is given an ornate robe

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Vayeshev – “And He Settled”

Last week’s Torah portion was called Vayeshev, which means, “and he settled.”  It covers Genesis 37: 1-40:23. After more than 20 years of being away, Jacob returns to the Promised Land and settles in Hebron.  In Chapter 37, we are introduced to Joseph, who is Jacob’s favorite son, born ofRachel, Jacob’s favorite wife.  Jacob gives this favorite son a beautiful, multi-colored robe, a symbol of

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Vayeshev – “And He Dwelt”

This Shabbat’s parasha, Vayeshev, means, ‘and he dwelt’. Jacob is again living in Canaan. Our attention turns to Joseph, Rachel’s first-born, who is now 17 years-old. Rachel had been Jacob’s favored wife. Now that she was gone, it’s no surprise that Jacob lavishes his affections and attention on Joseph, their son together. But this favoritism doesn’t sit well with Joseph’s

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VaYeshev – “And He Dwelt”

This week’s Parasha is entitled VaYeshev, meaning ‘and he dwelt’, covering Genesis:37-40. This is the account of Jacob’s son Joseph, the first born son of Rachel. Jacob favored Joseph the most of all his sons and made him a garment of many colors, which made his brothers jealous. Later Joseph told his brothers of two dreams he had, in which

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Vayeshev – “And He Settled”

The name of this week’s Parasha is Vayeshev, which means “and he settled.”  It covers Genesis 37:1-40:23, and provides us with several important events in the lives of Jacob and his family, who are now dwelling in the land of Canaan. Unfortunately, Jacob favored Joseph over the rest of his sons, which caused the brothers to resent Joseph.  Joseph was

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