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Nasso – “Lift Up”

This week’s parasha is entitled Nasso, meaning “lift up” and it covers Numbers, chapter 4:23 through 7:89. This parasha gives us several subjects to look at, however, we will only be focusing on the priest and the transportation of the Tabernacle and its contents. Only males from the tribe of Levi were permitted to hold priestly office. The Israeli priesthood

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Nasso – “Lift Up”

Today’s Parasha is entitled Nasso, meaning “Lift Up,” and covers Numbers 4:1-7:89.  It begins with a God-ordained census of the three Levitical family lines following the census of the people. The parasha continues with instructions on how to deal with skin diseases and burying the dead, how to deal with wrongs against another person, suspected infidelity, the Nazirite vow, the

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