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Matot-Masei – “Tribes”-“Journeys”

The names of this week’s double parasha are Matot and Masei, meaning “tribes” and “journeys” and cover Numbers 30:2-36:13. Moses gave Israel Adonai’s commands regarding vows in chapter 30. If a woman made an impulsive vow, it could be revoked by her husband or father. However, widows and divorced women didn’t have this option and would have to fulfill their

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Matot-Masei – “Tribes”-“Journeys”

This week we have a double parasha with Matot and Masei which translates to “Tribes” and “Journeys” Respectively. Parasha Matot covers Numbers 30:2–32:42 and Masei covers Numbers 33:1-36:13, this is also the final parasha for the book of Numbers.  These parashas speak on the importance of vows and promises and teach us the importance of having our actions match our

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