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Lech L’cha – “Go Forth” – A Legacy Of Courage

Introduction In June of this year many were stunned and saddened to learn of the death of Anthony Bourdain - a world-renowned chef, author and host of the hit cable TV show, Parts Unknown. This wildly popular television ‘reality’ series chronicled Bourdain’s treks to exotic, sometimes extremely remote places few had ever seen. But the truth of the matter is

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Lech L’Cha – “Go Forth Yourself”

The parasha for this week’s Sabbath is entitled Lech L’Cha which means “go forth yourself.”  It covers Genesis Chapters 12:1- 17:27. In the previous chapters, we were provided with events that had taken place up until the time of Abram. From Chapter 12 on, Abram and his seed are almost entirely the only subjects of this sacred history of Genesis.

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Lech L’cha – Go Forth

This week our parasha is Lech Lecha which means “Go Forth” and covers Genesis 12:1-17:27. Parasha Lech Lecha introduces us to the father of the Jewish people, Abram Son of Terah, and his extraordinary faith in Adonai. Genesis 12 begins by immediately thrusting us into what will be the turning point in Abram’s life, the Call of the Lord.  The

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Lech Lecha – “Go Forth”

Today’s Parasha is entitled Lech Lecha meaning ‘Get Going’ or ‘Go Forth’ and covers Genesis 12:1-17:27. Within these chapters, God calls Abram to leave his country and his people, Abram obediently sets out, journeys to and through the land of Canaan, migrates for a time to Egypt, returns to Canaan, battles four kings, fathers a child, undergoes circumcision and receives

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Lech Lecha – “Get Yourself Going”

The Parasha for this week is entitled Lech Lecha meaning “Go!” and covers Genesis 12:1 through 17:27. From a spiritual standpoint, Lech Lecha means “Get yourself going!” That is, start your journey towards your ultimate purpose in life, that for which you were created. Genesis 12: Abram was 75 years old, married to (his half-sister) Sarai, and guardian of his

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Lech L’Cha – Go Forth, Yourself

This week’s Parashat passage is called Lech L’Cha, which translates as “go forth, yourself.”  If covers Genesis 12:1 -17:27.  In Chapter 12, God speaks to Abram, and tells him to leave his land and to go forth to a place that God will show him.  Prior to that, at the end of Chapter 11, we find that Terah, Abram’s father had taken

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