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Vayechi – “And He Lived”

The Torah reading for this week is entitled Vayechi, meaning “And he lived”, referring to Joseph, and completes the book of B’reysheet. Last Shabbat we contemplated Jacob’s joyful reunion with his son Joseph, who for all those years he had thought to be dead. On account of the ongoing famine, Jacob and his entire family had relocated to Egypt, and

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Vayigash – “And He Drew Near”

The name of this week’s parasha is Vayigash, meaning “and he drew near”, and covers Genesis 44:18-47:27. The story of Joseph’s brothers standing before him during their second journey to Egypt is continued in this parasha, which begins with Judah’s plea – asking to take Benjamin’s place as Joseph’s slave, since he had guaranteed Benjamin’s safe return to their father

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Miketz – “At The End”

The Parasha for this week’s Sabbath is entitled Miketz which means “At the end” it covers Genesis chapters 41:1-44:17. Today we will focus on why Joseph was forgotten and how it led him from the prison to the palace as well as how God used Pharaoh to elevate him to be the prime minister of all of Egypt. Joseph was

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Vayeshev – “And He Settled”

This week our parasha is Va'yeishev which means “And He Settled”, and covers Genesis 37:1-40:23.  Parasha Va’yeishev covers the beginning of the life of Joseph and the reality of sins ability to appear in one generation and then the next as an unbroken destructive cycle. Chapter 37 introduces us to Joseph, Jacob’s favorite son, who is given an ornate robe

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Vayishlach – “And He Sent”

The parasha for this Shabbat is entitled Vayishlach, translated “And He Sent”. It will take us through Genesis chapter 36. Allow me to preface my summary of the parasha with a brief statement. Human beings are inherently sinful – a perpetual condition inherited from our first rebellious parents in Eden. Because of it, we routinely fail to trust and wait

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Vayetze – “And He Went Out”

This week’s Torah portion is called VaYetzei, which means “and he went out.”  It covers Genesis, Chapter 28:10 – 32:3. As our parasha passage opens this week, we find Jacob departing from his home in Beersheba and heading to Haran, his ancestral homeland.  He ends up spending the night in an open area where he sees a vision of a great ladder descending from

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Toldot – “Generations”

Our parasha for this week is Toldot, which means “generations” and covers Genesis 25:19-28:9.  In this parasha we see the destruction playing favorites brings and the dangers of being too clever for our own good. We pick up in Genesis 25 with the birth of Jacob and Esau to Isaac and Rebekah.  Before they were born, Rebekah was given a

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Chayei Sarah – “The Life Of Sarah”

This week’s parasha is entitled Chayei Sarah, meaning “The Life of Sarah” and covers Genesis 23:1-25:18.  In this parasha we see God’s plan to continue His promises through Abraham’s son Isaac, and a teaching for us on what it means to be servants of the Lord. As our parasha opens, immediately we are confronted with the death of Abraham’s wife

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Vayera – “And He Appeared”

The name of this Shabbat’s parasha is Vayera, meaning “and he appeared”, and covers Genesis 18:1-22:24. Abraham saw God and two angels (in human form) near his tent and invited them in, offering them food and water. Adonai promised to return the same time the following year, and Sarah will give birth to a son! Upon hearing this, Sarah silently

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Lech L’Cha – “Go Forth Yourself”

The parasha for this week’s Sabbath is entitled Lech L’Cha which means “go forth yourself.”  It covers Genesis Chapters 12:1- 17:27. In the previous chapters, we were provided with events that had taken place up until the time of Abram. From Chapter 12 on, Abram and his seed are almost entirely the only subjects of this sacred history of Genesis.

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This week’s Parasha starts out with God saying these words: “Noah was a righteous man, blameless in his generation.  Noah walked with God and had three sons: Shem, Ham, and Japheth.” This was the time before Moses had given the law, so Noah does not have the standard of what would be righteous on his own accord.  So, when God

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Genesis 43 And 44

This week Jerry Weinstein covered the Bible Study for Rabbi Glenn.  He continued the study in Genesis with Genesis 43-45:15, covering the conclusion of Joseph's deception with his brothers.

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Genesis 38

This week Rabbi Glenn studied Genesis 38 tonight (Judah and Tamar). He tied the importance of Judah to the genealogical line of Messiah Yeshua, and demonstrated how God's grace overrides the messes we make. Despite the grotesque circumstances surrounding the birth of Perez (and Zerah), God allowed Perez to be in the ancestral line of King David and of Messiah

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Genesis 34 and 35

This week Rabbi Loren lead the Bible Study. Last week's study was not recorded. Rabbi Loren's notes are below: Genesis 34-35 Jacob is one of the greatest men who ever lived. The Egyptians, one of the great civilizations of that time, gave him a funeral procession worthy of a king (see Genesis 50). He is one of the most important

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Genesis 30 and 31

This week Rabbi Glenn covered Genesis 30:25-32:2, the section that describes Jacob's desire to return to Canaan, the deal Laban strikes with Jacob to get all the speckled, spotted and striped animals, Jacob's ingenious method to increase his own flock, his eventual secret departure from Laban, Laban's pursuit of him and their meeting up and covenant agreement to leave one another alone.

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