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B’Shalach – “When He Let Go”

This week’s parasha is entitled, B’Shalach, which means “when he let go” and covers Exodus 13:17 – 17:16.  When he let go refers to pharaoh letting the Israelis depart from Egypt after the 10th plague, the death of the first born. After their release, the Lord does not lead the Israelis in a direct route towards their final destination as

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B’Shalach – “When He Let Them Go”

The Parasha for this week covers Exodus chapter 13:7 – 17:16. Last week we left off with the plague of death and Elohim’s gift of Passover. As we look to this week, Pharaoh has decided to let the Jewish people leave Egypt. El Gabor, Mighty God, does not send the Jews the shortest way out of town, he has the

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