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Men’s Bible Study

  The second part of The Measure Of A Man, Gene Getz’s DVD series on incorporating the godly principles found in First and Second Timothy into men’s lives has begun! Come join us! The workbook is $12. The study will continue to take place at Dave’s office in Commerce. To sign up for this second section of the course, please contact

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Questions and Answers

 This week Rabbi Glenn did a Q/A and discuss issues, including: The historical roots of replacement theology The significance of animal sacrifices in the Millennial Temple Taking every opportunity to engage with people about the Gospel (phone, store, restaurants [and why it's important to tip well]) Reckoning with the times in which we live (exciting - with the regathering in

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Isaiah 46-48

This week Rabbi Glenn covered Isaiah 46-48 (as well as Daniel ch. 5 - the fall of Babylon to Darius). The larger theme was God's patient, gracious dealings and future restoration of Israel, but His coming judgment on Babylon.

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Healthy Vs. Unhealthy Congregations Part 1

This week Rabbi Jerry began a two part study on Healthy vs. Unhealthy Congregations.  Using the book Everyone Is Normal Until You Get To Know Them by John Ortberg he discussed being authentic, empathetic, accepting, dealing with conflict, and forgiveness between individuals.

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Numbers 13-14 & Hebrews 3-4

This week Rabbi Jerry taught the Bible Study.  He taught on this week's parasha, specifically Number 13-14.  He then connected it to Hebrews 3-4.   The theme of this study was the importance of obedience to God's Will and not rejecting His promises.

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