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Men’s Bible Study

  The second part of The Measure Of A Man, Gene Getz’s DVD series on incorporating the godly principles found in First and Second Timothy into men’s lives has begun! Come join us! The workbook is $12. The study will continue to take place at Dave’s office in Commerce. To sign up for this second section of the course, please contact

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Isaiah 6

This week Rabbi Glenn studied Isaiah 6, discussing the great vision, and Isaiah's calling to be a prophet. In the second session the prophecy of Isaiah 28:16 (the Stone laid in Zion) was compared with Psalm 118:22 (the Stone the builders rejected).

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Isaiah 4 Part 2 & Isaiah 5

This week Rabbi Glenn reviewed the historical context and a few highlights of Isaiah 4, and went on to study Isaiah 5:1-7 (the song of the beloved vineyard owner), and compared that with Yeshua's parable of the vineyard owner in Matthew 21:33-44.  The Messianic prophecy we studied in the second session was Isaiah 9:1-7.

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Isaiah 1

This week Rabbi Glenn covered Isaiah 1, with a focus on Ahaz' dismal rule and the moral decline of Judah (cf. 2 Chronicles 28).  The second session on messianic prophecy covered Deuteronomy 18:15-19.

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Introduction to Isaiah

This week Rabbi Glenn began his study of Isaiah.  Each week will be divided into two sessions.  The first part will be a study of Isaiah and the second session will be an ongoing study of various Messianic prophecies.  Below is Rabbi Glenn's introductory notes.   Faithful Wounds An Introduction to the Book and Prophecies of Isaiah Congregation Shema Yisrael Bible

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Sukkot 2018 – Looking Forward To Future Joy

Shabbat Shalom!  This morning we have heard from Rabbi Glenn about the meaning of Sukkot as a joyful celebration in our past and its importance still today.  So now, Lord willing, I will try and pick up from where he left off and share with you some thoughts about Sukkot, for us in the present but also in the future.

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Reasons Why We Suffer

This week Jerry lead the bible study in a discussion on the many different reasons why we suffer.  He used a handout prepared by Dr. Gene Mayhew from Moody Theological Seminary.  You can find the handout below.  He also looked at Lamentations 3 briefly. Click Here For The Handout  

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