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Bechukotai – “In My Statutes”

The name of this week’s parasha is Bechukotai, which means “in my statutes,” and covers Leviticus 26:3-27:34.  This parasha lists blessings for obeying God’s commandments; penalties for disobeying God’s commandments; and valuations for people, animals and property given to God.  If the Israelis obey Adonai’s commandments, they would be blessed with timely rainfall, abundant food, peace and security, increased population,

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B’har-Bechukotai “At the Mountain” – “In My Statutes”

Our world is not at rest. Too many of us live at a breakneck pace, trying desperately to stay on top of everything we need to accomplish, 24-7. Society has undergone astonishing changes in recent decades, with advances in technology that once promised more leisure time, yet now only seem to add to our burden, making it more difficult to

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B’Har-Bechukotai – “At The Mountain-My Laws”

We live in a fallen world. It is dark, dangerous, confusing. It’s a hard place to live in. It’s not at rest. Creation is missing the Eden-like rest it enjoyed before the Fall. Those redeemed by the Seed of the Woman will enjoy great rest, perfect rest, in the future. In the meantime, God’s will was for His people and

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