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Reasons Why We Suffer

This week Jerry lead the bible study in a discussion on the many different reasons why we suffer.  He used a handout prepared by Dr. Gene Mayhew from Moody Theological Seminary.  You can find the handout below.  He also looked at Lamentations 3 briefly. Click Here For The Handout  

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2 Samuel 16:15-19:8

This week Jerry filled in for Rabbi Glenn and continued the study of 2 Samuel.  He first briefly recapped several previous chapters in 2 Samuel and continued with 2 Samuel 16:15-19:8.  The study this week focused on the relationships in David's family, human will vs. God's will, and the need to have discernment when dealing with persuasive people.

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What Is Happening in America Today?

In place of the normal Bible Study, Philip Haney, Founding Member of the Department of Homeland Security presented What Is Happening in America Today. Philip Haney is the author of “See Something Say Nothing” and has been a guest on Megyn Kelly and Sean Hannity.

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2 Samuel 15:1-16:14

Rabbi Glenn continued the study with a very important lesson this week. He talked about the many parallels to be found in this narrative between King David and King Messiah Yeshua, and the all-important issue of our loyalty to Him.

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2 Samuel 2 and 3

This week the study reviewed the end of 1 Samuel and the military defeat of Israel at the hands of the Philistines.  It also covered Saul's death, and how David responded to the news.  This week it covered the rest of 2 Samuel 2 and all of 2 Samuel 3.

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2 Samuel 1

This week Rabbi Glenn reviewed the events leading to the conclusion of 1 Samuel (including all of 1 Samuel 31 and the death of Saul and his sons), and proceeded to study 2 Samuel 1:1 - 2:11.

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1 Samuel 23

This week Rabbi Glenn spent a little time discussing President Trump's announcement about recognition of Jerusalem and the planned relocation of the embassy. Then he  did a bit of review of 1 Samuel 21 and 22, and went on to study the entirety of 1 Samuel 23.

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