For years I have been pessimistic about the deteriorating condition of the United States. My brother-in-law has started calling my prognostications “jeremiads” – unpleasant declarations of future woes similar to the ones given by the weeping prophet, Jeremiah.

It’s obvious to me that our once great nation is in a state of severe decline – morally, spiritually, economically and politically. Because we have abandoned God, our nation is in the process of returning to Sheol (see Psalm 9:17); and the rate of the acceleration is increasing.

In several past years, at the beginning of the year, I have given my doomy and gloomy outlooks for the new year. At the beginning of 2011, I am giving another jeremiad; and this one is as doomy and gloomy as ever – if not doomier and gloomier!

Moral absolutes and Biblical values are rejected. Morally, the nation is increasingly like Sodom and Gomorrah. Sexual immorality, homosexuality, divorce and the horrific sin of abortion are prevalent and are widely accepted. More than a million children are murdered in their mother’s wombs each year.

Spiritually, secularism and atheism are growing. Christianity is openly mocked. It seems like the Evangelical Church is shrinking in numbers and the doctrinal content is getting watered down.

Economically and politically, the nation has become a kleptocracy – a form of government that is characterized by the rule of thieves. The oligarchs (the wealthy rulers who have the power) and the kleptocrats have corrupted the free-market capitalist system so that an extraordinary percentage of the wealth is controlled and enjoyed by the few. Big Business and the Big Banks have bought the government and the mainstream media so that the people are rarely told the truth about the real state of the economy. Don’t believe their manipulated and distorted economic statistics. If you want to know the truth, read alternatives like

The foolish economic decisions that the financial and political elites have put in place over the past 30 plus years that caused the recent meltdown have not been corrected. Instead of the banksters and the bondholders taking the losses for their foolish investments, the losses have been transferred to the public. The gains are privatized and the losses socialized.

Not surprisingly, the Federal Reserve (a strange mixture of the private banking system supposedly working with and supervised by the government) has primarily been working for the good of the banks. By favoring the Big Banks, and by suppressing interest rates, printing money and by allowing fraudulent accounting that hides the losses, the Federal Reserve is desperately trying to prop up the bankrupt banking system. But these frauds only benefit the government, the banks and the wealthy. They ruin the ordinary citizen who lives on a fixed income and relies on savings and doesn’t know how to invest in hard assets.

Don’t believe the distortions of the government or the mainstream media that things are improving. The economy is not recovering. In the past two years an additional four trillion dollars of debt has produced almost no real economic growth. The lack of jobs and the high unemployment are evidence of this. Like the addict who needs more and more of his drug to maintain his high (which at the same time destroys his character and his health), the stimulus of the past two years designed to prop up the banking system is leaving the nation sicker and sicker.

What To Expect

The economic handwriting is on the wall. As a nation, we are in a ruinous debt spiral, and there are no painless ways to get out. The next several years should be very difficult.

Even though we are at critical government debt levels, expect the government to go farther and farther into debt.

Expect more money printing; rising inflation; a declining dollar; and higher gold, silver and oil prices. Expect the prices of essential goods, services and commodities to keep going up when priced in dollars, with the result that fewer and fewer people will be able to afford them. Expect more hardship and poverty for a ruined middle class.

Expect banking crises, bankruptcies, municipal defaults, national defaults in the US and in Europe.

The good news: As this world loses its appeal, people tend to be more interested in God’s world. Let’s commit ourselves to boldly point them to Messiah and the Good News about His everlasting kingdom!

How To Protect Yourself

The wise man sees danger approaching and proactively takes steps to avoid harm. The foolish man sees the same warning signs and but takes no preventive action and suffers damage.

Learn what real money is and how to price things in real money (gold and silver) – not in paper dollars backed by nothing that are being printed by a profligate government and are steadily losing value. Become your own bank by turning your increasingly worthless paper dollars into the best kind of money – gold and silver.

Get close to the Three-In-One God and stay close to Him through the spiritual disciplines of prayer and Bible reading, through involvement with a good New Covenant Community of Faith that has solid teaching and cares for its members, and by actively engaging in evangelism outside the Community.

>Keep a heavenly perspective! Transfer your hopes for a pleasant life in a fallen and dying world to a pleasanter and eternal life in the World To Come. At the end of 2012 the Three-In-One God of Israel will still be ruling the universe! He still will have His Master Plan that will result in the ultimate victory of the forces of good over evil! He will still hear and answer good prayers! His grace will still be sufficient for His people! We will still be able to depend on our Heavenly Father to give us our daily bread! The Good News about everlasting salvation through the Messiah will still be preached – maybe even more so as hardship replaces comfort. Jews and Gentiles will still be saved – maybe even in greater numbers as they lose faith in a corrupt world system and become more open to consider God’s very real and better and eternal world. Those loyal to the Three-In-One God will still never, ever perish!