Try to arrive on time in order to prepare yourself for worship, honor God and the community, meet and encourage others and not disrupt the service.

Stay afterwards to meet and encourage others.

Dress appropriately. The ladies and girls should wear a dress, longish skirt, or dress pants. Men and boys should wear nice slacks, shoes, and a nice shirt. Please, no jeans, tennis shoes, sweat pants, and shirts or sweatshirts with writing or pictures on them, even if they have a Biblical message, including our Jesus Made Me Kosher t-shirts.

Do not bring food or drinks other than water into the sanctuary.

Remove your children if they are noisy during the service.

Chewing gum is discouraged.

Keep electronic devices on off, silent or vibrate.

During a normal worship service, do not take pictures with a flash. For special parts of a service, like a baptism or dance performance, it’s OK to take photos with a flash.

When we pray together as a community, keep your prayers to a sentence or two, directing them to God the Father.

Do not distribute leaflets or literature.

Do not solicit business.

Men are welcome to wear a kippah (head-covering) or tallit (prayer shawl).

We keep “Biblical kosher” (no non-kosher foods like pork or shrimp) for our communal events.