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Bikkurim – “First Fruits” 2017

This week Rabbi Glenn did a focused study of Scripture on why Messiah had to rise from the dead, and the significance of it happening on the 3rd day.   He also read about Bikkurim, the holiday of First Fruits, and spent a little time in Q/A.

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Genesis 38

This week Rabbi Glenn studied Genesis 38 tonight (Judah and Tamar). He tied the importance of Judah to the genealogical line of Messiah Yeshua, and demonstrated how God's grace overrides the messes we make. Despite the grotesque circumstances surrounding the birth of Perez (and Zerah), God allowed Perez to be in the ancestral line of King David and of Messiah

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Genesis 34 and 35

This week Rabbi Loren lead the Bible Study. Last week's study was not recorded. Rabbi Loren's notes are below: Genesis 34-35 Jacob is one of the greatest men who ever lived. The Egyptians, one of the great civilizations of that time, gave him a funeral procession worthy of a king (see Genesis 50). He is one of the most important

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Genesis 30 and 31

This week Rabbi Glenn covered Genesis 30:25-32:2, the section that describes Jacob's desire to return to Canaan, the deal Laban strikes with Jacob to get all the speckled, spotted and striped animals, Jacob's ingenious method to increase his own flock, his eventual secret departure from Laban, Laban's pursuit of him and their meeting up and covenant agreement to leave one another alone.

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Genesis 22

This week Rabbi Glenn continued the study of Genesis by covering Genesis 22.  He discussed in detail the binding of Isaac (the Akedah) and how it clearly connects to Yeshua's sacrifice.

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Genesis 14 Part 1

This week Rabbi Glenn reviewed the context of Genesis 13 and proceeded to study Genesis 14.  He highlighted the consequences of our choices. Avram made good choices, as this chapter amply illustrates.

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